A Little of The Best !

She Sights A Bird

She sights a Bird, she chuckles
She flattens, then she crawls
She runs without the look of feet
Her eyes increase to balls

Her jaws stir, twitching, hungry
Her teeth can hardly stand
She leaps, but Robin leaped the first
Ah, kitty, of the sand,

The hopes so juicy ripening
You almost bathed your tongue
When bliss disclosed a hundred toes
And fled with every one

Author Emily Dickinson


A Little of The Best !


My daughter Val and son in-law Laine just got a new kitten. They own the big white cat Cloud that I’ve had some issues with many years ago.  You see we live right next door to each other and it was a stressing situation for me and one of my cats. He was a big bully to my sweet cat Little Girl. They get along fine now I’m pleased to announce.

Let me introduce you to a new member of their family, Tanzi. She is friendly, sweet, gentle, playful, not afraid of anyone, and a joy to have around.