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The Cat On The Road

It seems I have been dumped off in the middle of the night                                          Alone on this road I'm wondering what will be my plight                                             Could it have been that I scratch up the stair railing                                                                         I noticed lately the misters affection for me was failing

Did I get too much hair on the misters black suit                                                        Guess I was wrong in believing he thought I was cute                                                     Maybe it was all the knitting I did on her bedspread                                                          I'll stop knitting and come winter my fur won't shed

In the darkest of nights I see a car slowing down                                                                   Please let it be a nice human from the nearby town                                                        Being scooped up gently into somebody's arms                                                                    I hear them say softly, I mean to do you no harm

I'm taking you home to my family on our very big farm

Author Eileen Clark 2022

Image: etsy.com

A Little of The Best !

The Kitten In The Fall Leaves

There  is nothing more hilarious for any of us to see
Is to watch a kitten jump into a raked up pile of leaves
Even better,  trying to catch one slowly drifting down
Floating on a breeze that has the kitten twirling round

When they crawl in through the bottom of this neat pile
You stand there in expectation wearing a slight smile
Suddenly they pop up with big eyes looking right at you
Leaves flying everywhere, it's not likely you had no clue

Next comes the most entertaining activity of the year
You laugh so hard your eyes get filled up with tears
Oh for a camera so I could have taped this episode
Directly in front of you that pile of leaves explodes

Author Eileen Clark 2022


A Little of The Best !

September 2012

It was in September of 2012 that I created this blog, ” Fine Cats & Kittens”.    I really don’t know why I named it Fine Cats & Kittens other than I wanted    it to stand out from other cat blogs. Many of you have been following me for several years now and know my history. For any that don’t, I have rheumatoid arthritis and use a power chair to get  around. I hardly ever leave my home except for a doctors visit once a year if that often. That is why this website is so important to me by filling up my days and having the time pass quickly. I never get bored because I enjoy posting every day and getting your likes and your comments. I am using this ten year anniversary to thank you and I look forward to you coming back often. I would also like to thank WordPress.com for giving us this wonderful platform to express ourselves and keep in touch with our family and friends around the world. My best regards, your fellow blogger, Eileen Clark

A Little of The Best !

Feeding The Birds or Feeding The Cats

While I'm filling my big bird feeder up                                                                     Knowing their time to live I could disrupt                                                                       Having it low enough to reach so I can fill                                                                 High enough so cats don't have an easy kill

My cats have bowls of food around in the house                                                              They also have places to find and catch a mouse                                                        Winter birds have trouble finding bugs and worms                                                                       Life is not so easy, it doesn't go by their terms

My cats could be so warm sleeping near the heater                                                        Instead there outside lurking under the bird feeder                                                              So am I feeding the birds or feeding my cats I wonder                                                                  No matter which it is I ask, am I making a blunder 

Author Eileen Clark


A Little of The Best !

Cats And Fall Allergies

For many of us including our pets, this change of season is the start of fall allergies. Cats have seasonal allergies (atopy or allergic dermatitis) to mold and pollen just like we do.



A Little of The Best !

Curly Haired Cats

The Selkirk rex breed has an interesting story hidden behind those lustrous curls: they are all descended from a single rescue kitten named Miss DePesto. 

In 1987 at a little shelter in Montana, Miss DePesto started her life as the oddball of her litter of four. She was the only kitten with crinkly, curly fur. Jeri Newman, a Persian breeder, saw the special little fluffball and adopted her.