Disabled/Elderly Care For Pets

Man-in-wheelchair-with-cat (1)Image: http://www.lmtaaa.org/for-adults-with-disabilities.html

Should people who are disabled have pets?

runsnwalkenSeptember 28, 2008

First off- I have a disability, Autism,hearing, vision loss and am a great pet owner, I feed great foods, take my cats to the vet regularly, both are neutered non-de-clawed, have all their shots updated and are indoor only. I realize that not all people are alike here.

But it seems for like every good disabled person who has a pet 4 or 5 others are not possibly because they’ve got so much other stuff going on, prehaps because of money – I knew a woman who has MS that took in three dogs, had them on no heart worm preventive and fed them old roy- one of the worst dog foods, her cats haven’t been to a vet, sense I first met her ( expect to have one PTS at 13 for cancer and behavioral reasons) and she has before moving allowed them to roam at large in a farming community. Many things have happened to her outside cats over the years, one got taken by a mean neighbor to a lab/some were hit by cars/ect. Then there’s the person at my job that had to have her cats de-clawed when she moved into a group home as a result cats have taken to pooping outside the litter box and they have give her a nasty bite- which IMO think is great only because the group home now can suffer the consequences. Though I do wish she would have given the cats away so she didn’t get bit/put other people in danger/ she’s a great person and I think its sad it had to happen to her- not to the place she lived in.

Then there’s another Group home cat that was de clawed and was on really bad food- Good-life,from purina, when I tried to help them the money manager of the cats owner declined saying it to much money to buy better food. A cat in another group home was given to a shelter because some buddy had allergies, probably de-clawed as well. Most people in this situation are on low income in the first place, shouldn’t it be best they refrain from having a pet both for the welfare of the animal AND the welfare/safety of the people?

Again though, this is such a broad spectrum of people both good and bad, I knew a woman who found a stranded bird, a canary and is going to keep and take care of it, properly. And others I’ve known who had handicaps but possibly have forgotten throughout the passage of time took decent if not good/great care of their pets. I understand pets are great for disabled people and others too, its sad for me to post this-

but after talking with people at my job and through life experiences I’m thinking its a good debate.