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The Cat in The Mist

The Cat in The Mist
The evening sky’s darken, falling slowly to the ground,
Soft mist is filling the air with a whispering sound.
A dim light from a lantern exposes something down below,
It’s a sleek black cat with a shiny coat moving very slow.
I’ve never seen the like of it, a smooth sophisticated stroll,
Gazing upon him I question myself , is he’s tired hungry or cold
I watch this silent creature move down the cool wet street,
I wonder if there is a home, a someone waiting for him to greet. 
Perhaps he lives in the city with a  pack of other cats,
Or possibly  he’s a loner and stays near the railroad tracts.
If I knew for certain that this little guy lived all alone,
There would be no hesitation for me to take him home.
Eileen  2015


Show Some Class Please!

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