I Want To Go Out !


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Window watching
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KittyCorner II Photo Print by madebyswirlygirl on Etsy, $15.00
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Vintage Cats & Kittens

Vintage postcard

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"Are you waiting for me?"

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Midnight serenade


One of a series of five postcards of cats hunting a mouse illustrated by Helena Maguire

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This reminds me of my Aunt Missy http://www.traveling-cats.com

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Riding in Style

Baby & I

black kitten:



My kind of kitten...Love the colors and the long hair! PRETTY:


.are we finished playin baby in the baby carriage?:


Persian White Cat Kitten baby stroller Pram original old 1910s photo postcard



This is for real, a stroller for your cats, they sure have come a long way and safer way.





~ After I’m Gone ~


I was feeling poorly a few weeks ago and thought about my cats future if I should get very ill, they are so spoiled and have a very serious daily routine. If you are old like me and have a cat or two or more, did you make arrangements for your pet after your gone, passed away? If you give it some thought that’s a very important thing for all to do. My lovely granddaughter got me both of my cats Little Girl and Dixie, so it seems only fitting to leave them to her. I gave her a call and asked her what she thought about it. She was more then happy to take them in and give them a nice home. I have her in my will to inherit my home so the cats will never have to leave their beautiful yard, the woods, and all their neat hiding places. She, Chelsea, did not know anything about their schedule so when I was telling her she started to laugh saying, your kidding grammy, tell me your kidding. I told her that I was not kidding, it’s what they are used to and I would write out the instructions and leave them with all the other important papers. I heard her still laughing as she hung up the phone. What’s so funny?