I’m Loving My Farm Life

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Barn kitties...

Hungry Cats

What a Little Darling!!!!

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Kitty likes horse.

ahahahaha, my cats used to do this..and the geese, and the baby goats!!!

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PouncingCat -Storenvy
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Nancy Daugherty saved to Adorable Animals-Hungry Cats

My Kitty And Me

My Kitty And Me  
My kitty’s name is Simply-Sweet
My Daddy found her on the street
She was so skinny, shivering and cold
Guess she was only a couple of weeks old
She hid in the pocket of my Daddy’s big coat
Poked her head up, a tiny meow slipped
out of her throat
I knew right then, she’d be my best friend
For always and ever, till our very end
I’m all grown up now, I’m almost three
Mommy say’s big enough to take care of kitty
I’m an only child, but not alone anymore,
Kitty and me share my toys, my bed, and
milk on the kitchen floor
Eileen ~ 2012

~ MILK ~

Milk for cats should be special milk. It should be the milk the mother cat provides for her kittens or Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR) if the kitten is being hand reared. When the kitten has been weaned the milk should be specially prepared milk for cats bought for example from a pet shop. In the USA this might be CatSip® and in the UK it might be Whiskas® Cat Milk. The Whiskas milk is OK for cats over 6 weeks of age and comes in 200 ml bottles.
This is because cows milk, the kind we drink, contains too much lactose (milk sugar) and it can cause diarrhea in cats (see treating cat diarrhea). This is because it is difficult for a cat to digest.
A weaned kitten will get all the nutrients she wants from cat food. Cats like milk but milk for cats should be given with care.
Milk for cats to Cat Health Problems