August~The Heat Is On !

cat in window

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Sun God Cat

Take note, your cat will feel the heat before you do.

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~ 2015 ~


It’s The Simpler Things In Life

~ 2015 ~

Take less, give more.

Ask for little, offer much.

Expect small amounts.

Be filled with joy at receiving big amounts.

Bring a full cooked meal when a friend is sick. 

Now and then check on your neighbors well being. 

Love and take care of all your animals big or small

Now and then check on your towns animal shelters needs.

Visit a local nursing home with a couple of homemade breads.

Smile at the warmth of the sun, smell the coolness of rain.

Pick up a leaf off the ground and see in it the wonder of God


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Cat Care in Summer Heat

With the summer months soon upon us, it is important to know how to keep your cat safe during hot weather. Cats can suffer from dehydration and heatstroke just as humans and other mammals can in scorching temperatures.
The following list of essential hot weather pet safety tips will help you keep your cat safe during the summer months: