We’re Done !

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We kinda like the new look, we hope all you cat lovers like it too. =^..^=


Where Have You Been ?

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Some of you friendly cat lovers may have noticed I haven’t been around here lately, well I’ve been sick. I was not feeling that bad because of my illness but sad to say it is the horrible medications that the Doc has been prescribing to me, and they are not even working. I am very weak, tired, and sick, and my food taste awful! One of the things that is getting me through this is my girls, my two cats Dixie and Little Girl. It seems they sense that something is different about me, that I’m not quite my old self. Dixie wants to sit on my lap a lot more and Little Girl is sleeping on the other pillow next to me at night which is a new activity for both of them. They make me smile no matter how bad I feel. Watching them chasing after the Fall leaves blowing around in our yard is bringing me pleasure  along with the other things they do. They are my healing medicine in a bottle.