Fine Cats & Kittens

Екатерина Штуц (Catherine Shtuts)

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Painting of winter cat. Vicky Mount


I’m 75 This Month and I Blog !


I needed something more to do in my life. I was sixty years old and home much of the time dealing with arthritis. My younger daughter gave me her kids old Barbie computer as they just had purchased a much better one for the the girls. It really was a Barbie Doll computer that had big pink and purple flowers all over it. It took me awhile getting the hang of it, I would send out tons of emails to her, my granddaughters, and my son. I thought I was so cool because many of my sixty year old friends didn’t even want to sit down to a computer much less touch it. huh! Today I have a website called “Books & Poems ~ coffee & teas” and I have three blogs. I love posting my poems, short story’s about my cats and cat pictures. I love having people follow my blog and leave comments as I do the same with their blogs. Now my arthritis is much worse and I am using a wheelchair to get around. I would be lost and totally bored without my blogs and my followers. A big thank you to everyone.fotoflexer_photo (1)Little Girl & Dixie