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All is silence not a peep

Like cat voyeurs, we watch them sleep

Dreaming away the hours 

Of prowlings amongst spring flowers

The butterflies you chased after
Your cuteness and our laughter
As curious little noses
Sneezed at pollinated roses

And such innocence doth enchant
As a new born nephew, to his aunt
Tranquil, as a red sunset
Calm, as a storm unmet

As they sleepily awaken from their doze
A yawning purr and a lick of the nose
A stretch of claws, and how they mewed
A hungry demand, a cry for food

Oh cats, what a beautiful pair
As you lie upon the pillowed chair
What strange thoughts pass through your heads

As angels dance, and lovers wed

                                                            by Jeremy Bloomfield 

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Lazy Hazy Summer Days

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Dixie thinks she can stay cooler under the little table.

If you look closely you can see Chatter is enjoying  the day and porch along with Little Girl and Dixie.

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Nothing More I Need

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‘Quiet Moments”

Black and White photo of little girl and cat

“It is in their eyes that their magic resides.”- Arthur Symons

Via Holly Moss

Good Saturday Morning

Posing For The Fall Season

I love the Fall

This is my little Dixie posing for my Fall pictures. Isn’t she just beautiful?

I’m a Basket Case !!

beautiful <3

Sleeping With Carnations

Sittin' in a basket

adorable white kitten in basket  breed: white norwegian forest cat



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