I Woke Up In A Strange Mood Today !

These Weird And Wonderful Cat Paintings Are Super Strange ...


These Weird And Wonderful Cat Paintings Are Super Strange ...

These Weird And Wonderful Cat Paintings Are Super Strange ...

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These Weird And Wonderful Cat Paintings Are Super Strange ...

These Weird And Wonderful Cat Paintings Are Super Strange ...

These Weird And Wonderful Cat Paintings Are Super Strange ...

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~*~ Always In My Heart ~*~


Dixie                                             Little Girl

Little Girl                                           Aleister

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When you look at these pictures you see cats, it’s just a cat. If you owned any one of these cats you would see a great deal of love and some sadness and a story behind each one.

Dixie and Little Girl are still with me so their story is still ongoing.    The other three are gone and when I look at their pictures I see sadness. The story’s about them are posted somewhere on here.     Today I will go searching through the archives and perhaps reblog them.


                                                          IMG_1829_24 (1)

His Name is Aleister And He Just Walked Away. { Aug.4 2014 }

A couple of months ago my granddaughter Chelsea acquired Aleister from a friend. She would go over to this friends of hers house a few times a week to hang out. They had a big long haired cream and tan cat that according to Chelsea was sorely neglected. The cat had big knots in his fur, cuts on his legs, and his eyes were kinda glazed and red around the edges. She had talked to her friend about the cats health and from her thinking they didn’t seem to care. One day while visiting her friend and getting more frustrated by the situation, when she left she picked up the cat and took it with her. Just picked him up and walked out the front door with him. No one stopped her and that’s how Alister became part of our Kentucky family. When she brought him home, her dad immediately took the cat and shaved off all his fur. The cat was so delighted with his hair cut, you could tell by the way he was strutting around and rolling on the floor, awesome.  

One Year Later

This past March my granddaughter Chelsea and her parents packed up everything and moved to Texas. I asked Chelsea to please leave him with me. As you read you’ll see that Aleister already was staying on the big deck and my back porch, he loved it their ! He also enjoyed playing in the woods in the back yard and playing with my cats Dixie and Little Girl. I was certain he would be happy here rather then be shipped off to a new and unknown place. He seemed to be content and settled into his new arrangement, but he would not come into my house even though one night it was cold and raining. I put a large towel on the chair that he slept in on my porch and felt he would stay warm and be fine. He was just fine and as the days began to warm up I was sure that Aleister was going to become a permanent member to my family. 

 Two weeks had gone by and things seemed to be going well when one day, I remember so well because I was in my living room staring out the big picture window, when I saw Al walking on the other side of our fence. I never saw him on that side of the fence before so I just watched him walk slowly down the hill and into the woods.

I have not seen Aleister since that day.Was he awear of what was going on as he watched my family move every piece of furniture out of the house into a big truck, even his favorite chair? Did he think that Chelsea would surely be home that night as he watched her get into the truck and saw it move down the road and out of site? Did he wonder why the lights never came on at night in the house, and no one opened the front door to let him in?

Was his heart broken?

Gypsy, a bit of a experience  { March 2011 }

Chelsea and her husband lived in a nice mobile home with cat named Gypsy. Things happened and Chelsea moved in with her step-dad who I live near. Our home has a mother in-law apartment in the back which I occupy. Chelsea left the cat with her estranged husband because she ( the cat ) just had a litter of five and they thought it would be best not to move her from her familiar surroundings. That would have all been good if the mister stayed their. Chelsea would go to the trailer every few days to see the kittens and make sure Gypsy was fine and that the food and water was fine. Every thing was going along nicely until one day when Chelsea went their. This is hard for me to write……she came into my place crying hysterically. I could hardly understand what she was trying to tell me. Bottom line, when Chelsea got to the trailer she could see before she even got out of the car that Gypsy was hemmed in between the trailer door that was shut and the screen door that was shut.

Chelsea was LIVID !!!

No telling how long she had been stuck their. No telling the pain she went through hearing her baby’s crying of hunger and wanting their mommy and she couldn’t get to them. Just no telling because the mister say’s he don’t know nothing about nothing. Chelsea’s step dad could not take Gypsy in because he has two dogs and can’t take the smell of a litter box. He has cancer and had been going through chemo, smells of any kind bother him.

I couldn’t take her because my place is small and I had my pup Pookey and my kitten Little Girl. What a mess, Chelsea was beside herself. It was obivious she could not leave Gypsy and the baby’s their. What can we do ???

We were sitting in my living room, she on the love seat and me facing her. It was in May or June, already pretty hot outside. As I’m talking to her I was looking out my big windows at my porch and flowers in my big pot in the corner. I had my son in-law put rabbit wire all around the bottom rails on my porch so Pookey would not fall off the porch. She was so tiny, she would have fit right between the rails and fallen, and it was a bit of a drop for such a little pup.

That’s when it came to me, put them all on my porch!  It has the roof to keep the rain off them, two ceiling fans to keep them cool on hot days and also I have bamboo screens I can put down on real hot day’s. We can put a litter box out their, lots of food and ice water in a big bowel. We also put a nice big thick beach towel for Mama to sleep on, it was prefect !!

It was even better to see the tears of joy and relief on my granddaughters face. The kittens were healthy looking and quite playful but Gypsy did not look so good. She’s a long haired cat but her hair was short on parts of her body and tail. I asked Chelsea about it, was she always like that or is this a new thing? I do know this though, Gypsy was happy !! I could see that right away. She laid down on the big towel and nursed her baby’s, she ate and ate her food and then drank her water, and then she climbed up on the wide railing and basked in the sun and fell asleep. The next morning as I sat in front of my living room window drinking my coffee I was entertained by a Mama cat playing with her five little baby’s, what a joy, all is good. I had Gypsy spayed, got her shots and a flea treatment and she was making good friends with Little Girl.

My health turned for the worse, Chelsea moved in with some friends and so she took Gypsy to some other family that wanted her, it was not my cat, by by Gypsy.


Is This Necessary ?

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Why ?

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Am I Happy….No!




The Grand Creator

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Philosophical Dreaming

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~ The Grand Creator ~

If you ever wonder, ever doubt,

What this big world is all about.

If you question life, if you  really need to know,

When the morning sun streams through your window,

And you catch your breath at the glow of your child.

Laughing and hugging the softest sweetest baby kitten,

The answers can be found, you know where it is written.

Just sit very still and watch everything that is great get even greater,

Then you just have to know the answer is….we do have a Grand Creator!

Poem; Eileen Clark

Images;   Pinterest ~  http://imgfave.com/view/2671855       ~-   https://tabor.ru/feed/647421