I Got The Music in Me =^..^=


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Na kominie Adriana Laube

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The Very Best !


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* Keep Them Safe And Warm *

Gulshat Gilmanova - Winter

My Cats by The Hearth

It’s cold outside, the wind is blowing

Freeze in the air, soon it will be snowing

Nothing can be better on this whole earth

Just watching my cats sleeping by the hearth


Many a cat would be filled with delight

To be in a warm cozy home for the night

But for them it’s just a dream far out of sight

Only abandonment is to be their plight


All I can offer is this plea to all of you

Can you adopt a cat, or maybe even two

If you have a cat, can you neuter or spayed

By doing this less cats have to be saved


I feel a shiver as I here the wind howl

Oh so many cats tonight out on the prowl

I am filled with thankfulness gaiety and mirth

As I gaze at my at my sleeping cats by the hearth

By Eileen 2012

Painting by Elmira Mustafina
Cat on Road Image:

Good By To The Fall Season


September and October are my cats and my favorite two months, my favorite time of year and it’s leaving us now for November. I enjoy posting fall pictures on my blogs, I  enjoy decorating my deck with pumpkins and hay, my scarecrows and orange and yellow chrysanthemums. Most of all I enjoy watching my cats running and jumping after the bright colored falling leaves. Yes, few left are the days of fall, good by.

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Kitten & falling leaves More

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The Cat in The Mist

The Cat in The Mist
The evening sky’s darken, falling slowly to the ground,
Soft mist is filling the air with a whispering sound.
A dim light from a lantern exposes something down below,
It’s a sleek black cat with a shiny coat moving very slow.
I’ve never seen the like of it, a smooth sophisticated stroll,
Gazing upon him I question myself , is he’s tired hungry or cold
I watch this silent creature move down the cool wet street,
I wonder if there is a home, a someone waiting for him to greet. 
Perhaps he lives in the city with a  pack of other cats,
Or possibly  he’s a loner and stays near the railroad tracts.
If I knew for certain that this little guy lived all alone,
There would be no hesitation for me to take him home.
Eileen  2015