Got a Window….Get a Cat


"Enjoying the View" Garden Flag



Painting of cat in the window. Natalia Chizhova

Maria Pavlova (Павлова Мария Станиславовна),Russia:

«Эльмира Мустафина(акварель,масло)» — Эльмира Мустафина, виртузор специализации «Пейзажисты»

All of these beautiful paintings found on Pinterest.



8 thoughts on “Got a Window….Get a Cat

  1. I recently took in a cat, Moe, from a rescue who had him in a Petsmart. He went into what was diagnosed as cardiac failure and needed a home ASAP where hopefully medicine would keep him going. It was tough the first few weeks, but the morning I saw him looking out a window making those ECK-ECK noises at some birds, I knew he would make it. Window watching is now how I monitor how he’s doing. Thanks for this lovely post.

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  2. Parker sits on the chair by the living room window to watch the cats that I feed on the front porch. Piper sits on the kitchen windowsill to 1) see what is going on outside and 2) catch the heat from the vent that blows right on her. You are right, windows and cats–a winning combination.

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    • Good day, love your comment! Sometimes when one of my cats is looking out the window with great intentness I’ll follow her view and sure enough there’s the little critter she is all excited about. I would have never have seen it but for her.

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