Who Works Harder Here?

Image result for can dogs sniff out drugs

Searching out narcotics

Image result for cats sleeping in strange places

Sleeping on window ledge.


Related image

Herding sheep

Image result for cats sleeping in strange places

Sleeping on cats scratching post


Related image

Helping the blind.

Related image

Sleeping on dinning room table.


Related image

Rescue Dogs

Related image

Sleeping in basket


Related image

Service dogs helping disable person.

Related image

Sleeping on grill.

Image result for military dogs

Military dogs

Related image

Sleeping on railing.

Image result for clip art animated cat laughing

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6 thoughts on “Who Works Harder Here?

  1. It’s hard to get into those contortions–and then to fall asleep? I think that’s just hard work! We know dogs love to have jobs while cats just couldn’t be bothered!! What a fun post!!!

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