~ Purrrfect Pictures ~

Luci ed ombre:

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"Nevertheless, I will Master Jabba now." \><\ "I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat." --Edgar Allen Poe:

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Simon swears there is no better water than Bird Bath water.  Refreshing!  ~~  Houston Foodlovers:

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beautiful pic::

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dontcallmebetty:  (via Go Jo Lo: “A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes.” —Indian Proverb):

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Taking break แปบๆ บ้างนะครับ แว่บไปซดแกงจืดหอมใหญ่ คื่นช่าย เห็ดนางฟ้า ก้อดีนะคับ:

Saved by-Michelle Taylor-whitedEen kat reikt naar de maan,mooi gezicht-----------------lbxxx.:

Saved by-Miya Izumi



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