One Day of Joy





This is it, I just bought it for my two girls. Dixie enjoyed it for one day and has not looked at it since. Little Girl hasn’t even gone near it.            

           Related image



4 thoughts on “One Day of Joy

  1. Cats! They love to keep us guessing! Don’t worry, when you’re not looking they’ll play. I found our cats playing on our tower when I came home from work unexpectedly; I’d never seen them playing on it before. Funny critters!!!!

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  2. That’s funny. We practically did the same thing. In fact, we ignored ours for so long, Jan offered to give it away, but the lady took so long coming to get it, we rediscovered it and we still have it. Moral of this story is don’t try to figure out what we cats will do or when. We recycle. 🙂

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