Every Year I Say Please…..

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It’s that time of year when the temperatures drop to freezing and below. I think about all the cats and dogs that have no homes or even some kind of shelter to protect them from the freezing cold, the wind and snow. At times like this I look at my two cats all warm and snuggled in their little beds with full tummy’s, and I can’t help but wish I could go out and collect all the cats in my town that are homeless and bring them to my home. Hence the poem, I posted this last winter and just had to re-blog it today. Every year I say please everyone keep your cats warm and put a shelter in your back yard or in the woods near your home. How are all of your pets doing these days? Stay Warm!

Gulshat Gilmanova - Winter

My Cats by The Hearth

It’s cold outside, the wind is blowing

Freeze in the air, soon it will be snowing

Nothing can be better on this whole earth

Just watching my cats sleeping by the hearth


Many a cat would be filled with delight

To be in a warm cozy home for the night

But for them it’s just a dream far out of sight

Only abandonment is to be their plight


All I can offer is this plea to all of you

Can you adopt a cat, or maybe even two

If you have a cat, can you neuter or spayed

By doing this less cats have to be saved


I feel a shiver as I here the wind howl

Oh so many cats tonight out on the prowl

I am filled with thankfulness gaiety and mirth

As I gaze at my at my sleeping cats by the hearth

By Eileen 2012

Painting by Elmira Mustafina
Cat on Road Image:

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