The Kitten and the Falling Leaves


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The Kitten and the Falling Leaves

That way look, my infant, lo!
What a pretty baby-show!
See the kitten on the wall,
sporting with the leaves that fall.
Withered leaves – one – two and three
from the lofty elder tree.
Though the calm and frosty air,
of this morning bright and fair.
Eddying round and round they sink,
softly, slowly; one might think.
From the motions that are made,
every little leaf conveyed
Sylph or Faery hither tending,
to this lower world descending.
Each invisible and mute,
in his wavering parachute.

William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

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2 thoughts on “The Kitten and the Falling Leaves

  1. We just love it when we get “skittery” leaves to chase around. We are indoor cats, our human brings them in for us and they make funny sounds on the wood floor. She likes to read out loud to us, we all liked the poem


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