The Monster

~My cats other peoples cats~

My daughter lives next door to me. Actually I had a mother in-law apartment built on the back of my house. She and her husband live in the big house, I in the small house. She has a vicious mean white male cat that attacks my cats, especially Little Girl every time he sees them. He actually would hide under my deck waiting for me to let Little Girl out. As soon as LG jumped off the deck, the monster, (that’s what I call him) would come running out from under the deck and grab LG by her head and shake her body back and forth while LG was howling for help. It reminded me of a pit bull attacking my sweet cat. It got so LG would not go out and I didn’t want her to go out. He went after Dixie too but she fought back and was to fast for him.

My daughter and I came up with a plan. My cats go out during the day and I get them in by 5:00 p.m. then her monster goes out for the night. They leave a note on my table every morning that says, “The Monster is in” so I know it’s safe for my girls to go out. We have been doing this for a couple of years and it’s working out nicely.

This is her Monster, his real name is Cloud, why I don’t know.

You can see how sweet he is……NOT!!

You see the back of Dixie’s head, she is looking at him and this is his reaction to her, vicious mean bad cat. Good thing there’s a double pane glass between them.




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