Curly Cats

Selkirk Rex Kittehs

I love the look of this breed and I want one !

Selkirk Rex is an American lap cat with a highly curled coat similar to a teddy bear, resulting from a spontaneous genetic mutation. These domestic felines are the latest introduction to the ‘Rex’ group of cats and come in two hair types – long and short. The curly-haired kittens can be well distinguished from their straight-hair siblings right at birth by their curly, brittle whiskers. These medium-sized cats are sturdy and heavy-boned, with a round face and a long tail.


Back in 1987, a Persian breeder in Montana, Jeri Newman, noticed that, one of the kittens in a litter of a feral cat has an unusually curly coat. She acquired the kitten with a wish to carry the rex gene.

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