~ A Glimmer of Hope ~


As my friends and followers know, I change the theme and color of my blog with the changing of the seasons. I was not planning on going green until April but I can’t stand it any longer! I need something besides blue,  icicles and snowflakes. It’s gonna happen this weekend!


3 thoughts on “~ A Glimmer of Hope ~

  1. I totally support your decision. My fur family normally takes things in stride as long as we don’t loose power, meaning heat, but this winter is starting to affect even them. Grouchy, touchy, batting each other. There’s also I lot of wild playing and destroyed toys. Your blog is helping me with the winter but the cats don’t look at the screen, they just like to walk on the keyboard..


    • Hello and thank you for your nice comment. So it’s not just my two fighting all the time,
      and when they are not fighting they are scratching.I’m cleaning up fur everywhere.I have
      them taking herbs for the “winter itch”. It does work some because they would be bald
      without it, as they were two years ago before I had done my research.
      Have a warm and lovely weekend.


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