It’ll Be Over Soon.


These are my two cats Dixie and Little Girl out in the snow. We in Kentucky have had it pretty good up till now, Jan. and Feb. are making up for it….it’s now winter. Dixie the black one down their somewhat likes the snow, Little Girl does not. As you can see, she walked on the railing not daring to go down in the snow. She’s looking down at Dixie thinking, that girls nuts! She walked the length of it right to the door. She goes out, then in, then out, then in, until I tell her, that’s enough, your staying in!  I can’t get anything done when they do that. Here in Kentucky we will be seeing signs of Spring in March. I’ll be happy about that and for sure Little Girl will be pleased.


9 thoughts on “It’ll Be Over Soon.

  1. I live in Kentucky, too, but the snow missed us. My moms are from the Midwest and actually miss the snow!! I don’t care either way so long as I have a warm bed (which often I don’t thanks to the furry beasts I live with!).

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