An Introduction to Aleister

003_(1)_(1) (1)

It was my granddaughter Chelsea that brought him home and called him Aleister. It was a strange name for a cat I thought, but then again my granddaughter is a bit off the wall kind of gal. She was visiting a friend and this big shabby cat kept walking around her. His long fur was knotted every where on his body and it looked like he had sores around his mouth. As Chelsea put it, “he looked sad and
it was as if he wanted me to save him, so I did.” She brought him home with her. Her dad was quite nice about the situation and brought the cat to the vet to get him shots, shaved, and neutered all in one visit. Aleister now had a home, a family that cared, and a new look. This was one of the first photos taken of him and you can see how rough he looks but….many more beautiful pictures of
Aleister will be posted in the days to come,so check back now and then. 🙂

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