Cats Litter Box

When I was a kid, a long long time ago, we would keep our small boxes and use them for our cats dirt box or potty box. That’s what we called them.
“Kids, go clean out the cats dirt box”, Mom would tell us. We would empty out the old potty dirt in the back part of our yard, line the box with clean newspaper and fill it with more dirt.
It was kept in an entrance room if you had one or in a corner of the kitchen or foyer. That was our “Litter” box.
The other day I was looking something up for my cat website and I came across a cats litter box. I could NOT believe it ! So I did a further search and this my friends is what I found…..enjoy.

As you can see, Dixie likes the simpler things in life, she also would like to have me stop posting this picture of her. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Cats Litter Box

  1. My half brothers, Milou and our late Grouik, used to have one pretty close to the first one you showed. I tested it and although it was kind of strange it was okay. Saved a lot of work to the humans and the litter was always clean.


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