On a Cat Ageing


  On a Cat Ageing

He blinks upon the hearth-rug,
and yawns in deep content,
accepting all the comforts
that Providence has sent.

Louder he purrs, and louder,
in one glad hymn of praise
for all the night’s adventures,
for quiet, restful days.

Life will go on for ever,
with all that cat can wish:
warmth and the glad procession
of fish and milk and fish.

Only-the thought disturbs him-
he’s noticed once or twice,
the times are somehow breeding
a nimbler race of mice.

Alexander Gray




Caring for your older cat

Think of how you would like to be treated in your older age.
Keep your cats bed clean by having a few baby blankets
( receiving blankets) handy so you can change and clean them often. Have the bed in a quiet place away from noise and too much light.
Have the water in a ceramic or aluminum bowl, plastic will give them sores around the mouth and chin if not cleaned out every day. Have more then one water bowl placed in different rooms and keep them filled with fresh and clean water. Older cats need lots of water and just can be too tired to make the trip to the kitchen. Also older cats may have arthritis in their joints so make the water trips short and pleasant. Do not give your cats milk no matter what the age !
Give your older cat soft foods. I have posted a few healthy cat food recipes on here and will be posting many more so check back often in the “Cat Food” category.

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