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Precious Moments

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My Persian at times sleeps with her tongue hang out. It's so funny.

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Why can’t I open this window ?

"There is no more intrepid explorer than a kitten." --Jules Champfleury

Why can’t I see out this window ?

Cat burglar, strikes again!

Why can’t I squeeze through this window ?

Very Interesting.

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maya47000: Looking !

Lets hope they don’t get stuck, especially
the bigger one.

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My Cat in The Potted Plant

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Peek a boo

My cat loves to sit in my potted plant,

He believes he’s as small as a brown ant.

His eyes are so large, round, and green,

He really believes that he can’t be seen.

While his head peeks through the lower branches,

He thinks you don’t see him, what are the chances.


Your Kidding……..

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Is This A Cat Fish ?

Is It Real ?

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Boys and Cats

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Lovely Spies

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I'm a cat

A boy and his cat

( dust on the way.. by Elena Shumilova)
Fredrick and Lilly

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